Labor Compliance

SCC will implement the following procedures when administering public works compliance services for all construction and modernization projects. SCC will customize elements of our program to best fit the vision of our clients, while maintaining the integrity and lawful intention of the Labor Compliance Program:

Presentations to Contractors and Subcontractors (Pre-Job Conference)

SCC shall conduct labor compliance presentations at pre-bid and/or pre-construction meetings. These presentations are conducted with the intention of educating and preparing the contractor so that compliance may be effectuated more promptly and accurately.

Collection & Review of Payroll Records

SCC collects and verifies certified payroll records, fringe benefit statements, DAS forms, and proof of training fund contributions through regular communication with contractors, both at the pre-job conference and during construction.

Apprenticeship Requirements

SCC meticulously audits each certified payroll record to ensure all individuals reported as apprentices are (i) registered with the State as an apprentice of the reported trade, (ii) paid the correct prevailing wages, and (iii) properly supervised with the appropriate ratio of journeymen.

Certified Payroll Record Audits

SCC will thoroughly audit each certified payroll record of every contractor and subcontractor performing work on the project in execution of the public works contract.

Forfeitures and Penalties

In the event that a violation cannot be resolved in a timely manner and after exhausting all available efforts at the immediate level, SCC will, under close cooperation with the awarding body, execute the protocol established by the State.


In the event that a contractor is determined to have willfully and repeatedly violated LCP provisions and/or applicable labor codes, SCC will, under close cooperation with the awarding body, submit such findings to the appropriate State authorities.

Outreach Activities

SCC shall assist the awarding body with the development of public outreach activities, including, but not limited to client in-services, regular presentations to contractors and subcontractors at job start meetings, and also throughout the construction process as reasonably requested by the awarding body.

Annual Reports

SCC shall submit each year to the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations annual reports on the operation of the LCP.

On-Site Visits

SCC field investigators shall conduct on-site visits to ensure the proper posting of prevailing wage information and public works administrator contact information, observe construction progress, identify contractors and subcontractors, and also to conduct random employee interviews.